No net zero without fixing fertiliser

Join us to tell the government – there’s no net zero without fixing fertiliser

Did you know that the way we grow food is contributing to air pollution, dying rivers, depleted soils and a rapidly warming climate? Emissions from fossil fuel-based nitrogen fertilisers used in intensive farming are contributing to the climate emergency. This fossil fuel-reliant system has been a quick fix for producing more food but has come at a huge cost to nature, climate and human health.

Join us to send a message to the government – sign our petition calling on the government to:

  • Set a target for reducing fossil fuel-based fertiliser use in UK farming
  • Support farmers to transition away from these expensive, artificial fertilisers
  • Support nature-friendly farming approaches, like organic, that don’t rely on artificial fertilisers

The Net Zero challenge 

Governments worldwide have committed to be ‘Net Zero’ and to ‘balance the books’ between the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. Achieving the target of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions means slashing emissions from fertiliser manufacture and use but the UK government’s Net Zero Strategy offers no plan for tackling the problem.

It's time to fix our food and farming system

There is another way to farm, one that works with nature, for the benefit of people, wildlife, and the planet. Organic standards ban the use of fossil fuel-based nitrogen fertilisers. Modelling shows that if the whole of Europe switched to an organic or agroecological food and farming system, we would see a 40% drop in emissions. Half of this drop would result from a cut in the use of fossil fuel-based nitrogen fertiliser. 

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