Plant a Tree for Wildlife

In the UK, 1 in 6 species of wildlife are threatened with extinction.  

We've lost a quarter of farmland butterflies since 1990, and almost half of UK bird species are in decline. 

That's why at Woodoaks - a farm donated to our charity - we're planting hundreds of trees to support our wildlife. We're also working with farmers across the UK to plant trees and restore wildlife habitats on farms.

Hedgerow trees on farms provide vital habitats over 2,000 species of plants, birds, insects and mammals. They also prevent soil from being washed away in floods and droughts and help to fight climate change by storing carbon deep in the soil.  

We’re planting trees to support wildlife and fight climate change, but we need your help to continue.  

Plant a tree from just £3 a month, and you’ll: 

  • Receive your digital welcome pack, including your hedgerow identification guide, nature-friendly gardening guide and more 
  • Receive a monthly newsletter updating you on how your support is making a difference, and the campaigns you’re helping to make happen 
  • Join a community of thousands of like-minded people dedicated to creating a world that benefits nature  

About the Soil Association 

We’re a charity planting trees for a better future.  

At the Soil Association we understand that many of the problems society and nature face are connected. So we work on multiple fronts to transform the way we eat, farm and care for our natural world.  

Planting trees is just one of the ways we’re doing this, but as a charity we need your help to continue.  


If we are lucky enough to raise enough funds to plant all the trees we need, donations will go to wherever the need is greatest in the charity.