Stop pesticides destroying wildlife

Pesticides are destroying wildlife in the UK at an alarming rate. The Soil Association is working hard to help farmers adopt farming practices that work with nature, not against it. But as a charity we need your support. 

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With your support as a member, we can help farmers explore ways to prevent pests without using dangerous pesticides that destroy wildlife. You'll also help us lobby the government to set clear targets for reducing pesticides. 

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About the Soil Association

We believe we need to change the way we eat, plant, farm and care for our natural world. Ending the use of toxic pesticides is a key step to achieving this. But we can only save wildlife and create a nature-friendly future with the support of people like you. 

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If you have any questions about our work, or being a member of the Soil Association, please email us at or call 0300 330 0022. 

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